The small kitchen at home can also store a lot, choose the right storage rack to organize the kitchen easily

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in family life. However, for small kitchens with limited space, how to store kitchen items reasonably and effectively is often a headache. All kinds of tableware, kitchen utensils, ingredients, snacks, and electrical appliances, large and small, need to be properly stored in proper locations, so as to ensure that the kitchen is tidy, easy to access and beautiful. However, if there is no suitable storage tool, these things will easily pile up into mountains, which not only wastes space, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to life.

For small kitchens with limited space, it is especially important to make rational use of every inch of space. There are many types of kitchen storage racks on the market for users to choose from. Different storage racks can meet different kitchen space and storage needs due to their different materials, layers and designs. Choosing a storage rack with reasonable design and moderate capacity can help you make efficient use of the walls and corners of the kitchen, and store tableware, ingredients, kitchen utensils, etc. reasonably, to solve the storage problem in the small kitchen and improve the kitchen experience.

This article will introduce our multi-layered kitchen fruit and vegetable storage rack. This storage rack can not only be used to store fruits, vegetables, and tableware in the kitchen but also can be used as a department store in the living room or bedroom. It has an elegant design, stable structure, and simple and beautiful appearance. It is made of durable PP material, which is light in texture and excellent in moisture resistance. Specifications of different heights from 2 floors to 5 floors are optional and can be selected according to different use space sizes. Its U-shaped opening and segmented storage design make it extremely convenient to access items, and the unique apple-hole design ensures smooth ventilation. You can choose a style with moving wheels or fixed feet, and install it according to your needs. In addition, it offers a variety of color options, which can be perfectly integrated into different styles of indoor environments. As long as it is assembled correctly according to the instructions, it will not be loose and tilted during use.

The most significant advantage of this storage rack is that it makes reasonable use of the vertical height of the space, and can store more items through the multi-layer design without taking up valuable flat area. It is like a miniature version of a department store, allowing you to store different types of items in categories at a glance. Its strong quality can bear heavy objects, and the storage system is reasonable, which can save the trouble of frequent tidying. Compared with a single storage box, it has a stronger storage capacity and is more beautiful. At the same time, its price is also very affordable.

If you also suffer from the problem of storage in a small space, and all kinds of debris accumulate, then you might as well consider trying this multi-layer storage rack. It can effectively solve the problem of insufficient storage in small spaces and make your living environment look brand new. You only need to plan the placement of the shelves according to the space, and then fill the items according to your needs. Such a neat and easy-to-use storage system has been created successfully.

Below we will introduce in more detail the specific advantages, usage methods, and precautions when purchasing this storage rack, hoping to help you create a simple and practical storage system to make life easier and more enjoyable.

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Small kitchen storage problems

For small kitchens with limited space, storage has always been a headache. All kinds of large and small tableware, kitchen utensils, ingredients and other items are filled in every corner of the kitchen, but there is no reasonable storage method, so it can only be piled up in a mess, which not only wastes precious space, but also seriously affects the kitchen experience.

First of all, the small kitchen space is inherently very limited. Fixed equipment such as counters, stoves, and sinks have taken up a lot of space, and the wall and floor areas that can be used for storage are very valuable. However, there are a large number of various dishes, knives, forks, spoons, pots and electrical appliances. If they are directly stacked together, not only will the available space be quickly occupied, but also it will be very unsightly, and it will not be possible to form a clean and orderly kitchen environment.

Second, not having enough storage space in a small kitchen can lead to a host of other problems as well. There is no fixed storage location for tableware and kitchen utensils, and they can only be temporarily piled up on the sink or counter after each meal, which is easy to cause secondary pollution. All kinds of ingredients are placed in a mess, which is neither hygienic nor beautiful. There is no fixed storage method for classification, and it takes extra time to search to find what you want.

Finally, the storage problem of the small kitchen will also directly affect the experience of cooking and dining. The kitchen is small and messy, which will inevitably reduce the available operating space. In severe cases, it may cause overturning and knocking over other things when cooking or taking items. Unreasonable storage also makes it impossible to classify and store different types of items, which brings inconvenience to cooking and post-meal cleaning.

To sum up, what needs to be solved most in the small kitchen is the problem of storage. How to rationally use every inch of area in a limited space, design a practical storage system, and store tableware, kitchen utensils, ingredients, etc. in an orderly manner is a problem that every small kitchen owner needs to solve urgently.

Kitchen Storage Rack – Create a simple and practical small kitchen storage system

For small kitchens with limited space, storage is undoubtedly the most troublesome problem. All kinds of tableware, kitchen utensils, and ingredients are piled up miscellaneously, which not only wastes space, but also makes the kitchen a mess. To create a simple and practical small kitchen storage system, the multi-layer storage rack can be said to be the best choice.

Compared with a single storage box, the biggest advantage of the storage rack is that it can make reasonable use of the vertical space, classify and fix items, and store them clearly. What we are going to introduce in detail today is the excellent kitchen storage rack series of X brand. It is well-designed, stable in structure, and of high quality, and it is a sharp tool to solve the problem of small kitchen storage.

Design features of kitchen storage racks

The kitchen storage rack series has a variety of different specifications to choose from, but they all have the following common design features:

1.Made of durable PP material

Choose food-grade high-quality PP material to make the storage rack to ensure that it is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali, temperature changes, and has a longer service life. Surface coating treatment, smooth and delicate feel.

2-5 floors are optional, maximizing space utilization

It provides specifications of 2-5 floors with different heights, and the number of floors can be reasonably selected according to the size of the kitchen. Make full use of the vertical space and store more items in it.

Bold and thick design, strong load-bearing capacity

The support of the storage rack adopts a thicker and thicker design, which greatly improves its load-bearing capacity. Won’t skew or collapse even when fully loaded.

Special apple hole ventilation design

The apple-shaped design on the side is not only beautiful, but also ensures ventilation and prevents mold and moisture.

U-shaped opening design, easy to take

The storage rack adopts an open U-shaped opening design instead of a door-type storage, which makes it more convenient and quick to access items.

Optional moving wheels, easy to move

Some models can be equipped with universal wheels, so that the storage rack can move freely. You can also choose a more stable foot pad.

Split assembly, easy installation

The split assembly design is adopted, and the assembly process does not require any tools, and can be easily completed according to the instructions.

2. The function and use of the kitchen storage rack

With such a well-designed storage rack, it can perfectly solve the storage troubles in the small kitchen and give full play to the efficiency of space utilization.

storage tableware

All kinds of tableware can be stored on the upper layer of the storage rack, such as forks, spoons, knives and forks placed flat, dishes standing upright or hanging. Classified and fixed storage, clear and tidy, easy to use.

storage food

The middle layer is suitable for storing various ingredients, such as unopened and unopened foods are classified in a fixed way, which is not easy to confuse. You can also put the ingredients that are about to expire or that are commonly used on the upper layer for easy access.

storage kitchen utensils

The lower level can be used to store larger kitchen utensils that are not used frequently. Reasonable use of vertical space, does not occupy the ground area.

Storage of kitchen sundries

Use the organizer space to store small kitchen items such as cooking accessories, kitchen gloves, trash cans and more.

3. Specifications and functions of kitchen storage racks

There are many different specifications of kitchen storage racks, let’s take a look at their specific parameters:

2 tier storage rack

Size: 40*26*46cm

Suitable for small kitchens, it only needs to occupy a small wall space and can increase the number of storage layers.

3 tier storage rack

Size: 40*26*82cm

Suitable for common kitchen use. 3-layer height, large storage capacity, and clearer classification and storage of items.

4 tier storage rack

Size: 40*26*112cm

The vertical space is highly utilized, and the storage capacity is large, which is suitable for scenes with a large amount of storage in the kitchen.

5 layers storage rack

Size: 40*26*140cm

The maximum number of layers is selected, which is suitable for kitchens with large space and high storage requirements. Super capacity.

In addition, matching widening and lengthening specifications are also provided, as well as more color options, which can be used in combination.

4. How to use the kitchen storage rack

There are also some tips for using kitchen storage racks to maximize their effectiveness:

Reasonably plan storage items

It is necessary to plan reasonably in advance, which items need to be stored in the storage rack, and be classified according to type and frequency of use.

Do a good job of moisture-proof treatment

Due to the high humidity in the kitchen, moisture-proof tape can be attached to the bottom of the storage rack to ensure that the stored items are not damp.

Put heavy objects on the bottom

According to the weight, store heavier items in the lower layer and lighter items in the upper layer to avoid overweight.

Clean the storage rack regularly

After using for a period of time, the storage rack should be cleaned and disinfected regularly to keep it clean.

Do not overload items

Do not over-load the storage rack, so as not to reduce the load-bearing capacity and cause collapse.

Classified storage is easy to access

The method of classified and fixed storage is adopted, and the items that often need to be taken are placed on the upper layer.

Five, the advantages of kitchen storage racks

To sum up, the kitchen storage rack has the following significant advantages:

Exquisite design, stable structure

Every design detail of the storage rack has been carefully considered, the material selection and processing are excellent, and the quality is guaranteed.

Different specifications are optional, widely applicable

Provide a variety of layer options, which can adapt to the specific space size of different kitchens.

Using the height of the space, the storage capacity is large

Reasonably use the vertical space to store items, and the storage capacity is far more than ordinary storage boxes.

The partitions are neatly stored and the classification is clear

It can be classified and fixed according to the type of items, which is more convenient and quick to use.

Easy to assemble and easy to use

Split assembly design, the assembly process is quick and easy, and the user experience is good.

The price is close to the people, cost-effective

Although the quality is excellent, the price is still very close to the people, and the price performance ratio is very high.

Well received, word of mouth satisfaction

It has won word-of-mouth recognition and five-star praise from many consumers.

We hope that through this detailed introduction to brand kitchen storage racks, you can fully understand its design, functions and advantages, so that you can choose the most suitable product specifications for you. I believe that such a storage rack with extraordinary design and high quality will definitely give your small kitchen a new look and make your cooking life easier and more enjoyable

Kitchen Fruit Vegetable Basket Organizer Storage Rack Floor-ceiling Multi-layer Movable Small Department Store Shelf Main Img 

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The magical function of the storage rack keeps the small kitchen organized

For small kitchens with limited space, a reasonable storage system is particularly important. The design of the storage rack can maximize the storage space of the kitchen, realize partitioned and fixed storage, and make the originally small and messy kitchen instantly organized. Those tableware, ingredients and kitchen utensils that seem to be piled up in disorder can give the kitchen a new look through the clever storage method of the storage rack.

1. Storage tableware, fixed and clear at a glance

Cutlery is one of the most basic and most numerous kitchen items. However, messy storage is not only a waste of space, but also not conducive to access. Storage racks can effectively solve this problem.

flat storage fork spoon chopsticks

Store forks, spoons, chopsticks and other tableware flat on the upper or middle layer of the shelf, and place them separately, so that they can be seen at a glance and quickly accessed when in use.

The knives can be placed upright or safely stored on the tool holder, and placed in one area.

The dishes pass through the partitions of the shelf to prevent them from colliding with each other. You can also choose a storage net to hang the dishes.
Other tableware such as bottle openers, clips, etc. can also be classified and stored.
Classification and fixed storage through storage racks can not only save search time, but also reduce the probability of tableware being scattered.

2. Storage of food materials, fresh and reserved areas

The storage of ingredients also needs to be differentiated according to different types.
Store fresh, unopened ingredients on the upper middle shelf for easy access.
Opened food needs to be stored in isolation, and consider placing food that is about to expire on the upper layer and using it first.
Different types of food, such as seasonings, dry goods, etc. also need to be classified and fixed, and cannot be mixed together to avoid rummaging when searching.
Fruits and vegetables can be stored in ventilation nets to ensure air circulation.
Therefore, by storing the ingredients separately, the freshness period can be extended, and the correct priority can also be used.

3. To store kitchen tools, put the frequently used ones on the upper layer

For all kinds of seasoning jars, cooking tools, pots, etc. in the kitchen, the storage rack can also be used for classified storage.
According to the frequency of use, frequently used tools are placed on the upper layer for easy access.
Large-volume tools that are rarely used, such as hot pots, cauldrons, etc., can be stored on the lower layer.
Store different types of tools in different areas, such as measuring tools, knives, etc., so that you can find the tools you need faster.
The storage rack can also be used to store small kitchen items such as gloves, spice jars, etc.
Reasonable use of storage racks to store kitchen utensils can avoid messy tools and improve cooking efficiency.

4. Kitchen sundries can also be properly fixed

The space of the storage rack can also be used to store other kitchen sundries, making reasonable use of every inch of space.
Consumables such as kitchen paper towels, garbage bags, plastic bags, etc. can be placed in a specific area of the storage rack.
Common kitchen cleaning utensils can also be fixed and stored, such as spatulas, washing balls, cloth towels, etc.
Some small kitchen appliances can be stored on the shelf, such as power cords, spare plugs, etc.
A small trash can or laundry basket can be placed on the bottom of the storage rack.
Through the flexible use of these storage methods, the originally messy kitchen can become orderly, and various tools and items can be quickly located, making kitchen work easier and smoother.

5. Use skills of storage racks to create a tidy kitchen

To give full play to the storage function of the storage rack, you also need to master some usage skills:
Classify and store in a fixed manner, do not pile up items all at once.
Heavy items should be stored on the lower tier and light items on the upper tier.
Keep the organizer clean to avoid oil buildup.
Make full use of shelf space and don’t leave unused dead corners.
Some hanging devices, such as hooks, can be equipped around the shelf to hang small kitchen items.
Return the items to their original positions in time after use, and do not place them randomly.
By mastering these tips, you can create a simple and practical kitchen storage system, give full play to the efficiency of every inch of space, and keep the kitchen organized and tidy.
The magical function of the storage rack can refresh the crowded and messy small kitchen. Through reasonable space planning and classified storage, unexpected storage effects will be brought, making cooking and living more convenient. You might as well act now, let the storage rack play infinite possibilities, and create an easy-to-use, beautiful and practical dream kitchen.

Storage rack use and maintenance tips to make storage last longer

The storage rack is powerful, but if you want to play its long-term storage role, you need to pay attention to some details in daily use and maintenance. Develop good usage habits, maintain and clean regularly, the storage rack can help you store more hygienically and last longer.

1. Moisture-proof maintenance during use

Due to the high humidity in the kitchen space, if you do not pay attention to moisture protection for long-term use, the storage rack may be damp and rusted. The following measures can be taken:
Moisture-proof foot pads can be attached to the bottom of the storage rack to avoid direct contact with the ground.
The contact position between the frame body and the wall can also be protected from moisture with a sealing tape.
If it is not used for a long time, you can wrap the storage rack with a dust cover for protection.
When storing items with high humidity, you can also wrap them in additional storage boxes or bags.

2. Distribute the weight of items to avoid overweight

The long-term overweight of the storage rack will cause problems with the bearing point. pay attention:
Organize heavier items on the lower shelf and lighter items on the upper shelf.
The weight of soft items should also be controlled, excessive stacking will collapse the storage rack.
If there are very heavy items, they should be placed separately and not placed on the storage rack.
The weight of items in different storage layers should be distributed as evenly as possible.

3. Regularly clean and maintain the frame body

After a period of use, it is necessary to carry out in-depth maintenance on the storage rack:
Wash the organizer with a mild detergent to remove stains and odors.
Check whether the frame structure is stable and reinforce it if necessary.
Polishing storage panels can restore them to a new shine.
Dry the storage rack completely before storing, avoiding moisture.
An optional gas atomized spray is also available for quick cleaning.

4. Classification and storage, return of items

To develop good storage habits:
Return the items to their original positions immediately after use, and do not pile them up randomly.
Classification and storage should be neat and beautiful, and there should be no mess and disorder.
If you need to change the storage location, make sure that the new storage method is still reasonable.
Do not leave unused dead space in the space, so as to avoid disorderly stacking of new items.
Some accessories can be appropriately added, such as storage nets, hooks, etc. to expand the storage function.

5. Check the usage status from time to time

Also check the usage of the storage rack regularly:
Whether it is tilted or tilted will affect the storage effect.
Whether there are too many items stored, exceeding the load-bearing range.
Whether the frame or storage surface is damaged.
Are there stains or odors that cannot be eliminated.
Whether the storage method can be further optimized to save space.
Developing good usage and maintenance habits can not only prolong the service life of the storage rack, but also provide a more hygienic and durable storage effect, making storage more efficient. I hope these tips can help you make good use of the sharp tool of the storage rack.
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Diversified use scenarios of storage racks

The storage rack can not only be used for kitchen storage, but also very suitable for other spaces in the home, becoming a good helper at home. Reasonable use of the multi-functionality of the storage rack can store various items and make different living spaces more tidy and orderly.

1. Storage of books and magazines in the living room and study room

The storage rack can be used to organize and store books and magazines in the living room or study room, and the classification is more clear:
The layering of the storage rack can distinguish different types of books, such as professional books, magazines, etc.
It can also be stored by reader category, such as adult books, children’s books, etc.
Place some frequently accessed books and periodicals on the upper layer for easy access.
The old books that are not frequently read can be stored in the lower layer.

2.Second, bedroom storage bedding

In the bedroom, you can use the storage rack to store all kinds of bedding:
Such as sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, etc. can be folded and stored.
Towels and bath towels can also be stored in the rack.
Off-season quilts can be folded and stored away.
Some trinkets can also be placed on the storage rack to take care of.

3. Create a clean storage space in the storage room

For storage rooms with a lot of sundries, storage racks can create a neat storage system:
Classify and store sundries for different purposes, such as outdoor products, stationery, etc.
Reasonable vertical use of space to reduce ground stacking.
Store old items that are not commonly used, organize and clean the space.
Add some accessories such as storage boxes to perfect storage.

4. Adapt to other life scenarios

The storage rack can be flexibly changed and used as a mobile storage unit.
The balcony can store bicycle equipment, plant tools, etc.
The office stores documents and materials more orderly.
Additional storage space in hotel rooms.
The hospitality space stores magazines and books.
The storage rack is multifunctional and easy to move, allowing it to play the role of space storage and make life tidy.
Kitchen Fruit Vegetable Basket Organizer Storage Rack Floor-ceiling Multi-layer Movable Small Department Store Shelf Detail Img12

The use experience of the storage rack, convenient storage brings the joy of life

The design of the storage rack is exquisite and humanized, which brings a very convenient experience. While having practical functions, it also makes home life faster and more convenient. Many users feedback that the storage rack is not only practical, but also a small helper to enhance the fun of life.

1. Good storage experience with multi-layer design

The layered design of the storage rack can be classified and fixed to store different items, which is very popular among users.
Different types of items can be stored in different categories, which is clear at a glance and will not be confusing.
Frequently used items can be placed on the upper layer, and less commonly used items can be placed on the lower layer.
The storage content is clear at a glance, no need to search, saving time and effort.
The multi-layer design makes reasonable use of space and has a large storage capacity.

2. Simple assembly and easy installation

The assembly of the storage rack is also very simple, and it can be easily completed by following the instruction manual.
Modular design, separate assembly, no complicated tools required.
After each component is connected and fixed in place, the overall structure is stable.
Different specifications can be flexibly combined to create a larger storage space.
No professional installation service is required, saving installation troubles.

3. Use shelves to store, life is well organized

After using the storage rack well, life will become more organized.
Items that were originally a mess can be neatly classified.
Frequently looking for things can also be quickly located.
There will be no situation where items cannot be found, and life efficiency will be improved.
The space is stored in an orderly manner, and life will feel easier.

4. Suitable storage racks can be found in different spaces

The specifications of the storage rack are highly optional, and you can find the right size for different spaces.
Small spaces can choose two or three layers of storage racks.
The large space can be fully utilized with more storage shelves.
Optional mobile casters can be placed randomly.
The choice of function combination is very flexible and rich.
The storage rack is famous for its simplicity, practicality and environmental protection. It can not only organize the environment, but also make life more convenient, and has been recognized and loved by more and more users.
Kitchen Fruit Vegetable Basket Organizer Storage Rack Floor-ceiling Multi-layer Movable Small Department Store Shelf Detail Img10 Kitchen Fruit Vegetable Basket Organizer Storage Rack Floor-ceiling Multi-layer Movable Small Department Store Shelf Detail Img11

 The storage rack effectively solves the

 problem of home kitchen storage

For the kitchen, a reasonable storage system directly affects the convenience of cooking and living. The design of the storage rack can effectively solve the storage problem in the kitchen, making this important family activity space more orderly.

1. Store kitchen sundries and free up more space for activities

The original messy kitchen supplies can be neatly stored through the storage rack, freeing up more usable space.
The storage rack can make full use of the wall to increase the storage space without occupying an area.
Items that were originally stacked on the counter and tabletop can be put into the shelf.
Classified and fixed storage, there will be no accumulation of sundries.
The activity space is enlarged, and the operation is more flexible and convenient.

2. Classify and store kitchen supplies, making finding things more accessible

The storage rack can store kitchen supplies by type, making it easier to find things.
Frequently used tableware and kitchen utensils are placed on the upper shelf for easy access.
The classification of ingredients is fixed, so that they will not be confused and placed.
After the storage is orderly, there is no need to search for items, which greatly saves time.
The storage method is clear at a glance to prevent lost items.

3. Make the kitchen more tidy and beautiful, improve the quality of life

A good storage system can make the kitchen more tidy and beautiful, and improve the quality of life.
The kitchen is well-organized and comfortable.
There will be no cluttered vision and enhance the aesthetic appeal.
Guests will not feel scattered when they visit, and they will enhance their sense of pride.
A tidy environment makes it more fun to cook.

4. Save cleaning time and have more cooking fun

Orderly storage can reduce cleaning time and bring more fun to life.
Reasonable storage and easy cleaning.
Instead of spending time cleaning up messes, you can focus more on cooking.
The speed of kitchen cleaning is accelerated and life efficiency is improved.
With the time saved, you can do more things you like.
The well-designed storage rack can effectively solve the storage problem in the kitchen and make this important family activity space more efficient. Not only life is more convenient, but also more fun.

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