Small space is enough, multi-layer semi-open storage rack

In today’s home life, the utilization rate of storage racks is extremely high. It can not only meet our storage needs but also play a decorative role, enhancing the sense of space and aesthetics. A very popular shelf at the moment is the semi-open bookshelf. This semi-open design is like an open book, a combination of a vertical board and a horizontal board, which is both layered and practical and is loved by everyone. Today, I would like to recommend a floor-standing semi-opening book rack made of PP material. It is practical, beautiful, and multi-functional, and it will definitely become a highlight of your home life.

Introduction of PP material multifunctional semi-opening storage rack

Compared with metal or wooden storage racks, PP material has become well-known in recent years and is favored by consumers. The PP material is strong and durable, the surface is smooth and textured, and the color and gloss are good. It not only has a certain toughness, but also has a certain hardness, so that the product has enough support. This semi-open shelf made of PP adopts a simple and elegant floor-standing design. It does not need to purchase any additional support devices. It is relatively light in size and can be moved and placed very easily. The red shelf is in bright contrast with the white wall, and at the same time it is not too ostentatious, and there is a bit of enthusiasm in the simplicity.
This PP floor-standing semi-opening shelf is divided into two parts, the upper and lower rectangular openings are combined with PP brackets. The base part of the shelf is relatively wide, which can be used to store larger items, such as books and magazines, stationery storage boxes, vases, etc. The upper part of the shelf is narrow and long, which can be used to place some daily necessities such as books and stationery. The opening shapes and sizes of the two parts are different, which increases the richness of the storage space. The layer height design of this storage rack is reasonable, and the height difference between each layer is moderate, which is clear at a glance. The thickness of the frame body has also been carefully designed, not too heavy, but with enough support to ensure the safety of the stored items.
This floor-standing semi-open shelf made of PP material is moderate in volume, but has various functions. It can not only be used to store items, but also can be used to place some decorations to show your unique life style. Use it on your porch for stunning results. Its color and shape are relatively simple and generous, whether it is a living room with a modern minimalist style or a study room with a little Chinese retro sentiment, it can form a harmonious and unified style effect with it. The price of this shelf is also very close to the people. Compared with other similar products in quality and price, it has obvious advantages. It is the best choice for high quality and low price.
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Product features of the half-open storage rack

1. Multi-layer design, large storage space

This PP material half-opening storage rack adopts the design of two rectangular openings, and the upper and lower layers are used in combination to provide two storage spaces of different heights. Compared with a single shelf, its storage space is twice as much as the original. In actual use, the two storage layers can be rationally used according to the shape and size of the storage items, and properly interspersed and placed, greatly improving the efficiency of space utilization.

2. Made of PP material to ensure durability

PP material is also called polypropylene, which is a very common and excellent engineering plastic. It has a smooth surface, soft touch, good impact resistance, and high and low-temperature resistance. In contrast, wood and metal shelves are more susceptible to temperature changes and impacts and have a shorter service life. The PP material makes this shelf more durable and can provide you with a long-term use experience.

3. Simple and modern product shape

The design style of this PP material shelf is relatively simple. The combination of two rectangles does not have too much decoration, and the simple geometric shape constitutes its overall style. The lines of the frame are smooth and soft, with the color effect of red tones, giving people a warm and pleasant feeling. This simple and textured design is very in line with the aesthetic taste of modern homes, and it is easy to create harmony with the surrounding environment.

4. Bright colors and strong sense of space

As a warm and jumping hue, always can bring a positive and inspirational mood. The matching white will make the whole space feel more open and comfortable. No matter where it is placed in the room, this kind of color matching can constitute a visual focus and add vitality to the overall space.

5. Easy to install and use

This PP material rack is an assembled product, and the matching manual is equipped with necessary screw accessories. Customers can easily complete the assembly according to the manual. After the assembly is complete, the position of the product can be changed freely, and it can be placed wherever you want, without the need for complicated wall-mounted installation, which is very convenient. The product does not have wheels, so you can directly pick up the entire shelf for mobile placement when you need to change the position.

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The use scene of the semi-open storage rack

 1. Study room: storage of books and stationery
There are many books and stationery items in the study room. This PP shelf can be used to store books conveniently. The upper and lower floors can be used to place different types of books in different categories; small items such as stationery boxes can also be placed on the shelf. Well organized.
2. Kitchen: store kitchen utensils and seasonings in categories
The kitchen space is limited and the storage requirements are high. The two storage levels of this storage rack can be used to store kitchen utensils of different sizes, the lower level is for larger items, and the upper level is for small bowls and small plates, etc. It can also be used to classify various seasoning bottles.
3. Bedroom: Storage of bedding
There are a lot of bedding in the bedroom. This shelf can store folded quilts, pillows and other bedding to avoid clutter and keep the bedroom tidy. It can also be used to put some bedroom items such as night lights.
4. Office: file filing and sorting
There are various documents and materials in the office, and this shelf can be used to classify and organize documents and materials. Items such as folders can be placed on the lower layer, and documents such as reports can be stored on the upper layer for easy search and access.
5. Children’s room: store toys and books
There are many toys in the children’s room, this shelf can be used to store some small toys; some books can be placed on the upper layer, creating a small bookshelf exclusive for children.

Product Specifications of Half Open Shelves

Dimensions: Length 35cm, Width 25cm, Height 116cm
The length of this storage rack is 35 cm, which is suitable for storing some daily necessities such as books and stationery. The width is 25cm, you can put some items such as box frames. The overall height is 116 cm, and it is used in five layers.
Color: white, gray, pink
White is the main color, with a white interior, and the color matching is bright and generous. The pink main body forms a visual contrast with the surrounding environment, and the gray is slightly elegant
Number of layers: 5 layers
This product consists of 5 upper and lower openings, providing two storage layers of different heights to expand storage space.
Single layer load: 10kg
The load-bearing capacity of each storage layer is 10 kg, which can meet the storage needs of daily items.
Material: PP plastic
PP material is used to ensure the durability of the product.
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 Installation steps of semi-open shelf

1. Check whether the accessory package is complete
Unpack the product, first check whether the accessory package is complete. It mainly includes screws, nuts and other parts. If you find that the corresponding parts are missing, please contact the dealer.
2. Assemble the base and insert it into the bracket
According to the instructions of the product manual, first assemble the two components of the base to form a stable whole. Then check whether the interface of the two brackets inserted into the base is smooth.
3. Install the guard plate and align the holes
Install protective guards on the outside of the two brackets. There are correspondingly arranged mounting holes on the guards, which need to be aligned with the holes on the brackets before tightening the screws.
4. Install the pulley to ensure normal operation
Check whether the two pulleys can slide smoothly into the track inside the guard to ensure that the pulleys are working properly. Tighten the pulley attachment screws.
5. Add decorations to beautify the environment
After the assembly is complete, you can add some decorative items on the laminate, such as photo frame trinkets, etc., to make the shelf more lively and interesting.
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Maintenance of semi-open storage racks

1. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading
The PP material will gradually fade, turn yellow and become brittle under long-term exposure to the sun. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, and place a sunshade by the window if necessary.
2. Avoid placing too heavy items and keep the weight bearing
The load-bearing capacity of each layer is about 10 kg. Do not pile up too many items to cause overweight. Keep it within the load-bearing range to avoid deformation and collapse of the laminate.
3. Regularly wipe with a damp cloth to ensure cleanliness
Dust will adhere to the surface and should be wiped with a damp cloth once a week to keep the surface clean. The intensity should be gentle and not too rough.
4. Check whether the joint is loose
It is necessary to regularly check whether the connection between the base and the bracket is loose, and if it is loose, tighten the screws in time.
5. If there are scratches on the surface, it should be painted in time
If there are obvious scratches during use, it can be slightly painted with the same color paint to make the overall appearance more uniform.

Advantages of half-open shelves

1. The material is strong and durable, and has a long service life
The PP material has the characteristics of good impact resistance and long service life. This storage rack will not be deformed and broken for many years.
2. Multi-layer design, large storage space
With two layers of different heights, the storage space is twice that of a single layer, and it is very convenient to store items.
3. Simple design, easy to match the interior decoration style
The product lines are simple and smooth, and the minimalist style is easy to match with modern home styles.
4. The price is close to the people and the cost performance is high
This storage rack is very cost-effective, and the price is better than similar products, and you can take it home with as little as $20.

 Precautions for semi-open storage racks

1. Refer to the actual use space for purchase
Before buying, consider the actual use space of the producto, and the size and color of the product should meet the space requirements.
2. The color should match the furniture style
The color should be coordinated with the original furniture and soft decoration of the room, and should not be too dazzling.
3. Choose a multi-layer model to expand the space
Compared with single-layer, multi-layer racks can provide larger storage space and expand functions.
4. Assess your own needs, don’t choose an oversized model
It is still necessary to choose according to your actual needs for storage space, and it is not necessary to choose a model that is too large.

Half-open storage racks make life more convenient

1. Storage items are more orderly
Setting up a special storage space can avoid the accumulation of debris and make life more orderly.
2. Improve space utilization
The storage of items can make full use of the corner space and improve the efficiency of space utilization.
3. Keep your home tidy and orderly
Storage of sundries can keep the room clean and orderly, and the home environment is more comfortable and beautiful.
4. Exquisite selection of materials to enhance the quality of life
High-quality PP material provides a better product experience for life.
5. Show personal life sentiment
Decorate with heart, you can show your personal life taste and emotional appeal.



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This article first introduces the product features of the PP material floor-standing semi-opening shelf, such as being made of high-quality PP material, which has the advantages of multi-layer design, bright colors, and convenient assembly.

Then it lists the usage scenarios of the shelf, which can be used in study, kitchen, bedroom and other spaces to give full play to its versatility.

Then the specifications of the product are explained in detail, such as size, color, number of layers, load-bearing and other parameter information.

Then the steps clearly explain the installation method of the product, so that users can easily assemble and use it.

At the same time, the article also pointed out some precautions for daily maintenance, such as sun protection, regular cleaning, etc., to prolong the service life.

Finally, the article summarizes the advantages of the shelf, which is affordable, multi-functional and practical, and is a highlight of the home space.

Through the introduction of this article, let everyone have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the PP material multifunctional floor-to-ceiling semi-opening rack. This product is worth recommending,

I hope it will be helpful to readers who need to buy and use storage racks.

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