3-Part Design Egg Burger Steak Skillet for a Healthy First Meal

As the first meal of the day, breakfast sets the tone for the day. Then a multi-functional frying pan that satisfies different dishes for breakfast becomes the key to upgrading breakfast. This article will give you a comprehensive introduction to this 3-part egg hamburger steak frying pan that integrates frying, frying, and roasting. It will bring new possibilities for breakfast and open the first meal of a healthy life.



Three-part design, proficient in frying, frying and roasting

This is a versatile 3-part design skillet that combines wok, skillet, and grill functions in one. The three separate parts can process different ingredients at the same time, and one pot can meet various cooking needs for breakfast. Whether it’s eggs or toast, scrambles or burgers, it’s easy to make.

Made of cast iron, safe and uncoated

The pot body and grid are made of pure cast iron, and the inner surface is uncoated. In this way, it combines the excellent thermal conductivity and high-temperature resistance of cast iron and also has the safety and environmental protection without coating. The original flavor of the ingredients can be completely locked, making it healthy and worry-free.

Humanized design, practical and convenient

The intelligent 3-part separation design can process different ingredients at the same time, improving cooking efficiency. The solid wood handle and moderate size, together with the lightweight body, make it both suitable for home use and easy to carry.

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 Product details


1. Three-part frying pan designs, one pot with multiple functions

The biggest feature of this product is that it adopts a 3-part modular design, which can be split into 2 circular cooking areas and 1 rectangular grill grid area. Each part can be used on its own or combined for mixed cooking.

The circular area is suitable for frying eggs, pancakes, and other round foods. It has designed two circular areas, which can prepare two eggs with different flavors at the same time, or one egg and one fried pancake, which is rich in variety. The circular design ensures that the food is heated evenly and the frying is more precise.
The rectangular grid area is suitable for large pieces of food such as steaks, fish, and shrimp. The ups and downs of the grid increase the contact surface between the food surface and the fire source and grill more quickly. The mesh gaps also allow grease to accumulate in them and absorb the delicious juices of ingredients. Ribs and chicken wings can be roasted on the grid to produce excellent and delicious meat.

2. High-quality cast iron material, multiple guarantees

The product is made of high-quality cast iron for the main body of the frying pan and the grid. Cast iron metal has excellent thermal conductivity, which can quickly and evenly transmit the firepower to the surface of the ingredients, greatly improving cooking efficiency. Compared to stainless steel, cast iron is better for grilling-type quick cooking.
In addition, cast iron has super high-temperature resistance, can adapt to various firepower, and has a longer service life. The complex manufacturing process of cast iron products also makes the products have higher quality checkpoints and guarantees their safety.

3. No coating technology, fresh and healthy

This product adopts non-coating technology, that is, the surface of the inner pot does not use fragile ceramic coating, but retains pure cast iron material. The advantage is that it is more environmentally friendly and safe, and it also completely locks the original flavor of the ingredients, making it healthy and worry-free.
The non-coating treatment makes the surface of the inner pot smoother and cleaner. The food is not easy to stick to the pan, and it is also easy to clean. At the same time, the potential safety hazards that may be caused by repeated firing of coatings are avoided.
4. Compatible with all fire sources, worry-free use
The product can be directly used for cooking with various fire sources, including induction stoves, open-flame gas stoves, induction cookers, etc. Stainless steel is easy to deform, while the cast iron material makes it suitable for strong firepower. No need to worry about brittle ceramic coatings.
The supplied solid wood handle also prevents direct contact with burning metal. Safety is fully considered, so you have no worries.
Frying Pan Egg Burger Maker Pan Cast Iron Non-Stick 3 Section Divided Grill Steak Cooking for Breakfast Outdoor Picnic Main Img

Product specifications

1. Cast iron pot

Pot material: cast iron
Pot diameter: 19.5cm
Pot depth: 2.5cm
Pot thickness: 4.5mm
The pot body is made of pure cast iron to ensure stable thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, and high-temperature resistance. The cast iron is well-made with no apparent mechanical defects. The cast iron that meets food-grade requirements is selected, and there is no risk of migration of harmful elements.

2. Humanized handle design

Handle material: solid wood
Handle length: 17cm
The handle is made of natural solid wood, which has a warm texture and beautiful grain. Solid wood also has low thermal conductivity, which can effectively insulate the handle from being scalded, it is comfortable to hold without fatigue.
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Applicable scenarios

1. Office breakfast

For office workers, breakfast on weekdays needs to be fast, nutritious, and tasteful, which requires a multifunctional frying pan that is easy to operate and can quickly make various dishes.

This product has a modular design, which can handle different flavors of breakfast such as eggs, toast, and sausage at one time. For example, you can make a poached egg in one circular area and a milk toast in the second circular area. Or go for an American-style egg and sausage combination. It is also very convenient to prepare two servings.

There is no need to repeatedly wash and heat the pan, and the operation saves time. The cast iron material responds quickly to heat, meeting the efficient needs of preparing breakfast in only 10 minutes. The one-pot cooking is completed before the morning rush hour, simple and fast.

2. Family weekend brunch

On weekends, you can enjoy a richer and nourishing brunch with your family without rushing out. This is when the advantages of the three-part design can be fully utilized to prepare rich breakfast combinations served on one large plate.

Poached eggs and milk toast can be prepared at the same time in two circular areas; sausages and mushrooms are grilled on the griddle. Warm up quickly on high heat, then turn to low heat and roast slowly until golden brown. The eggs are seductively watery, and the aroma of hot toast is overflowing. The family sits at the dining table and chats with the food, and the weekend is full.

3. Take on vacation trips

This product is small in size and light in weight, and the solid wood handle is easy to grab, which is very convenient to take on outdoor vacations or camping trips.

Stay away from the city life of eating out every day, and cook breakfast in the holiday cabin by yourself, which brings great enjoyment. You can cook a cucumber and potato steak on the oval, and bake bread and sausages on the griddle. The satisfaction of enjoying nature and tasting homemade food is unmatched.

One product, with different usage scenarios, can bring comfort and relaxation.


Product advantages


1. Three Partial design, efficiency improvement is obvious

Through the modular design of 3 parts, this product can process different ingredients at the same time, which greatly simplifies the cooking operation. For example, when making an American breakfast including eggs, sausage, and toast, the traditional method needs to be heated and washed in a pan, but this product only needs to be heated once, and all the ingredients can be cooked at the same time, without repeated heating and cleaning. Clean the pot, the whole production process is more coherent and efficient.
This one-pot multi-purpose design concept is also suitable for more complicated dinner cooking. Meat, vegetables, and seafood can be cooked in different zones at the same time, greatly shortening the cooking time. This is especially effective when cooking complex dishes that require consistency in the flavoring time of each ingredient.
Compared with the traditional single pot that requires repeated heating and cleaning, this product only needs to be heated once to complete the cooking of all parts of the ingredients at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency. This is especially evident in the preparation of combined dishes, where complex cooking procedures can be handled in one pot.

2. Cast iron material, fast heat conduction, and peace of mind

This product chooses high-quality cast iron as the material of the pot body, which combines the dual advantages of durability and rapid thermal conductivity.
The high-quality cast iron material makes the product have stronger heat conduction performance, which can transmit the firepower to the surface of the food more quickly and evenly, and significantly improve the cooking efficiency. This is especially important for stir-frying, frying, and grilling dishes that need to heat up quickly and maintain a constant temperature. It can also lock in the nutrition and deliciousness of the ingredients.
Compared with steel, cast iron has higher heat resistance, can adapt to various strong fire sources, has a longer service life, and does not need to worry about deformation problems. This makes the product more suitable for quick barbecue cooking, allowing users to use it with peace of mind.
In addition, cast iron has better thermal conductivity than steel. It can quickly and evenly transmit the firepower to the surface of the ingredients, effectively increasing the cooking speed and allowing different parts to taste at the same time. It is also more able to lock the nutrition and original juice of the ingredients.

3. No coating design, healthy and safe

Using non-coating technology, the inner pot is directly made of cast iron, eliminating the need for ceramic coating. This is not only more environmentally friendly and safer, but also avoids the potential hidden danger of coating peeling, allowing users to eat more at ease, and retain the natural flavor of the ingredients as much as possible without the interference of foreign tastes. Those who love authentic natural ingredients will appreciate this design even more.
The non-coating makes the surface of the inner pot smoother and is also conducive to cleaning and maintenance. The pot itself is more pure and hygienic, and there will be no peculiar smell during use. All these bring a healthy and safe cooking experience to users.
The non-coating treatment makes the surface of the inner pot smoother, which not only achieves the cooking effect of the non-stick pan but also facilitates cleaning and maintenance. There is no need to worry about the peeling and aging of the ceramic coating, and the product is suitable for long-term use.

4. Humanized design, considerate details

From the ergonomic design of the solid wood handle to the moderate product weight and volume, to the humanized shape and details, all reflect the product’s intentions in terms of user experience. This is not a simple tool product, but more like a cooking partner with warmth, caring about the user’s feelings in every detail.

5. The stove has strong versatility and is easy to use

This product can be directly used for heating and cooking by mainstream stoves such as induction cookers and open-flame gas stoves. Users can choose the right stove for matching according to different cooking scenarios, such as family or travel. This further improves the versatility and ease of use of the product.
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Precautions for use

A quality frying pan can be a delicious cooking experience, but there are a few dos and don’ts you need to be aware of to ensure your skillet remains in top condition. Here are some tips and precautions for using this frying pan:
Season pan noodles: Before using a new skillet, it is recommended to season the pan noodles. Coating the bottom and edges of the pan with cooking oil and heating it for a while will help to enhance the non-stick properties of the pan.
Moderate preheating: Before you start cooking, make sure to preheat the skillet moderately. Putting ingredients into a cold pan too soon can lead to sticking, and preheating can help reduce this effectively.
Moderate cooking oil: Although this skillet is designed to be uncoated and nonstick, a moderate amount of cooking oil can still help some ingredients during cooking. Choose cooking oil suitable for high-temperature cooking, such as vegetable oil, peanut oil, etc.
Gentle Cleaning: Avoid harsh detergents and hard cleaning tools that can damage cast iron pan surfaces. Mild washing-up liquid and a soft cloth or sponge are the best options for cleaning the skillet.
Avoid drastic temperature changes: Avoid submerging a hot skillet in cold water, or rapidly heating a cold skillet. Such drastic changes in temperature can damage cast iron pans.
Store dry and ventilated: When storing the frying pan, please make sure it is dry and ventilated to avoid rust caused by a humid environment.
Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the pan surface, including re-seasoning, will keep the surface non-stick and durable.
Protect from Violent Impacts: Avoid dropping the frying pan from heights or subjecting it to severe impacts to prevent breakage.
Heat Protection: Be sure to use appropriate heat-protective gloves or kitchen tools when using to avoid burns.
MULTI-PURPOSE CHOICE: While this frying pan is suitable for a variety of ingredients, please be careful not to cook acidic ingredients at high temperatures for prolonged periods, as this will affect the protective coating of the cast iron surface.
 By following these usage precautions, you will be able to better enjoy the cooking pleasure and gourmet experience brought by this skillet.


This 3-Part Skillet Egg Burger Steak Pan Cast Iron Uncoated Nonstick Pan has become an indispensable cooking tool in modern life with its outstanding versatility and convenience. To sum up, it brings us infinite cooking creativity and deliciousness, while also focusing on health and practicality in the cooking process.
After understanding the specifications and characteristics of this frying pan, we understand that its size and material selection not only meet a variety of cooking needs, but also the cast iron material provides uniform heat conduction performance for cooking. Its non-coating and non-stick design ensures the smoothness of ingredients during cooking, avoiding the problems that may be caused by traditional coatings.
The skillet’s versatility makes it great for both home cooking and picnics outside. Not only can you make a hearty breakfast, but you can also cook a variety of delicacies at family gatherings. And when it comes to picnics, its compact design and non-coating feature make outdoor cooking more convenient and safe.
At the same time, the humanized design of the solid wood handle provides additional comfort for the operation during cooking, and the anti-scald design also reduces the risk during use. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when enjoying this skillet, such as moderate preheating, gentle cleaning, and avoiding drastic temperature changes.
All in all, this frying pan is not just a cooking tool, it’s a way to improve your life. It gives us more choices and possibilities in terms of versatility, health and convenience. By taking full advantage of the features of this frying pan, we were able to create a delicious and pleasurable experience for home and outdoor cooking, adding a good taste to life.

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