How to choose the beige shade net that suits you

Advantages of beige shade nets

Beige, as a natural light brown, gives a warm and cozy feeling. Compared with other colors of shade nets, beige shade nets have the following advantages:

1. The tone is natural and mild, in harmony with the interior design style
Beige belongs to the light brown color system. No matter it is placed in a modern minimalist room or a space with a rural style, it can transition naturally without creating a sense of disobedience, and it is harmonious and unified with the interior decoration style. Dark or gray shade nets can be too strong in a light-toned room, while beige shade nets blend easily into the space.
2. Good light transmission, will not block too much sunlight
As a light color, beige has better light transmission than dark shade nets. Under the premise of not affecting the shading effect, it can pass through appropriate light to keep the room bright. If you choose a sunshade net with too dark a color, the room may appear darker, and you need to turn on the lights to fill in the light. The beige shade net can well balance the needs of shading and lighting.
3. Softer than other dark shade nets, not too “depressed”
Dark shades of blue, gray, and black shade nets will give people a depressing and gloomy feeling when placed indoors. The beige-light brown can soften this feeling and create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It will not be too strong like other dark shade nets, more soothing and natural.
4. It can provide a good sunshade effect, avoid excessive light, and protect the furniture from fading
Although the tone of the beige sunshade net is not deep, the sunshade effect will not be bad. It can effectively isolate strong direct sunlight, and avoid furniture fading due to long-term exposure to the sun, and cracks on walls. The shading performance of the dark shade net is also good, but the beige shade net achieves the purpose of shading while also considering the needs of indoor lighting.
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 Choose beige sunshade net according to the house type

According to the structure of the room, choose the beige sunshade net with appropriate specifications to maximize its effectiveness.

1. It is advisable to choose light and thin sunshade nets for open spaces
For large open spaces, there is no need to choose heavy and heavy sunshade nets. You can choose a light and transparent beige sunshade net, which will not block too much line of sight and can also take into account the sunshade effect to ensure indoor lighting.
2. Fixed window type can use multi-layer flanging thick sunshade net
For fixed windows, you can choose a thicker version of the beige sunshade net, with a flanging design to improve the shading and sunshade effect. This can effectively block light and is suitable for rooms that need to strengthen the light-blocking effect.
3. Rollable beige sunshades can be installed on large glass windows
The sunshade problem of large glass windows is generally solved by rollable sunshade curtains. Choose a beige sunshade, you can increase or decrease the degree of light transmission as needed. Roll up the sunshade for maximum daylight and lower it for good shade.
4. Sunshade grilles can be considered for ceiling decoration
For rooms decorated with suspended ceilings, beige sunshade grilles can be installed on the suspended ceiling. This not only reflects the chic decoration style but also plays a good role in shading, without causing too much obstruction to the line of sight.
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Precautions when purchasing

When purchasing beige sunshade nets, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. The shading rate is at least 80%
The shading rate directly affects the shading effect. Generally, about 80% of the beige shading net can be selected. If the shading rate is too low, a good shading effect cannot be achieved. The shading rate of some thick sunshade nets can reach more than 90%.
2. Pay attention to the density of the shade net
Density is directly related to the shading effect. If you only need a sunshade without shading, you can choose a shade net with a lower density. If you need to enhance the light-shielding effect, you should choose a beige shade net with a higher density.
3. Choose durable and moisture-proof sunshade net material
High-quality beige sunshade nets should be made of durable, moisture-proof, and sun-resistant materials, such as high-density polyethylene grids. This can prolong the service life and is not easy to fade and fall off.
4. The size of the sunshade net should match the size of the window
When purchasing a sunshade net, you should pay attention to whether the specifications of the sunshade net meet the actual size of the window. Too large or too small will affect the installation effect. It is best to prepare the size of the window and the specifications of the custom shade net.
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 Tips for Properly Installing Beige Shade Nets

Choosing the right shade net is the first step, and the next step is to install it correctly. Here are some installation tips for beige shade nets:

1. Choose a suitable installation location, generally about 15 cm inside the window
The best installation position of the sunshade net is about 15 cm inside the window. If it is too far away, it will affect the sunshade effect, and if it is too close, it will be inconvenient to open the window. The installation position can be fine-tuned according to the specific conditions of the window.
2. Use professional decoration glue to paste the sunshade net neatly
The installation of the sunshade net relies on double-sided tape. Professional decoration glue should be selected. When pasting, pay attention to paste from top to bottom, from left to right, the corners should be pasted first, and there should be no gaps or wrinkles in the middle part.
3. Pay attention to straightening the sunshade net during installation, and do not leave wrinkles
When pasting the sunshade net, be sure to keep the mesh completely straight, without leaving any wrinkles. Wrinkles not only affect the appearance but also shorten the service life of the sunshade net.
4. Leave a small gap between the two sunshade nets to facilitate the opening and closing of the window
If two sunshade nets are installed on one window, there should be a small gap between them, usually 1-2 cm. It is used to shrink the mesh when opening and closing the window, so as to avoid friction between two sunshade nets.

Material and function of beige sunshade net

What material to choose for the beige sunshade net is very important to its function. Common beige shade net materials and functions are:

1. Material: high-density polyethylene
This is the most common material for beige sunshade nets. It has high density, soft and smooth texture, strong durability, and can withstand wind and sun. It is the preferred material.
2. High-temperature resistance, prevent heat damage
The high-density polyethylene beige sunshade net can resist high temperatures and will not deform during use, blocking heat waves and avoiding sunburn on the skin.
3. High tensile strength, long service life
The tensile strength of the sunshade net made of this material is as high as 300 N, it is not easy to break, and the service life is as long as 8-10 years.
4. Edge reinforcement ring, the shading rate is over 90%
The widened cable ties on the reinforced edge make the sunshade net firmly fit around, and the sunshade rate can reach more than 90%.
5. Suitable for various outdoor sunshade scenes
The beige sunshade net made of this material can be applied to many outdoor sunshade scenes such as gardens, balconies, and swimming pools.
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 Other advantages of beige shade nets

In addition to the basic sunshade effect, the beige shade net has the following additional advantages:

1. Provide all-round sun protection effect
The beige sunshade net can isolate the direct light from all harmful angles of the sun, giving people a comprehensive sun protection effect.
2. Use environmentally friendly materials, do not harm the environment
High-density polyethylene is a recyclable and environmentally friendly material. After adding a flame-retardant function, it will not harm the environment.
3. Has a good windproof and dustproof function
The tightly woven beige sunshade net can effectively prevent dust from entering the room, and can also resist the impact of strong winds on the room.
4. The design fits the principle of ventilation
The mesh structure of the beige shade net can ensure air circulation and prevent the outdoor space from being stuffy due to sunshades.
5. The structure is stronger and more durable, and the service time is longer
The beige sunshade net that has been reinforced at the corners has a longer service life and stronger tensile strength than ordinary sunshade nets.
6. Smooth surface, more convenient to use and clean
The smooth surface does not collect dust and makes cleaning easier. Strong stretchability, more convenient to use.
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The use scene of beige sunshade net

The beige shade net can be applied in the following usage scenarios:

1. Garden shade
Set up a beige shade net in the garden, which can block the strong sunlight and ensure that the flowers and green plants are not scorched.

2. Balcony shade
Installing a beige shade net above the balcony can transform the balcony into a shade gazebo, avoiding the sun without affecting the line of sight.

3. Yard shade
Installing beige sunshade nets around the courtyard can create a shaded rest area without blocking sightlines and affecting communication.

4. Swimming pool shade
Install a beige sunshade net over the swimming pool, which can shield the strong sunlight, avoid sunburn and keep the vision open.

5. Camping sun protection
The beige sunshade net is a good helper for camping and sun protection. It can build a simple sunshade space for sun protection and ventilation.

6. Other outdoor shades
Such as roadside shading, bicycle parking area shading, outdoor party shading, and other scenes that are suitable for using beige shade nets.


The beige sunshade net has a beautiful and generous visual effect, and you can find suitable styles for different spaces. Pay attention to reasonable purchase according to the shading rate, density, and size, and maximize the effect when the technology is sufficient. Using durable and environmentally friendly materials such as high-density polyethylene, it not only has a long service life but also provides comprehensive functional effects. Proper installation according to the instructions is essential for the beige shade net to function as it should. The beige shade net is both beautiful and practical, and it is a good helper to beautify your living space.

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